“Mom, this is the best day ever.”

I have heard that phrase several times from my kids and it’s interesting to me that they didn’t say it when we made the 12-hour trip to Legoland…..or when we spent tons of money on a Dinosaur Museum….or when I put tons of energy and money into a birthday party. But they have said “mom, this is the best day ever” when I was just playing with them, down on the floor (usually with Legos), just spending time with them.

They just want us. Just mom. Just dad. And they deserve every ounce of our attention and time.

They are MY best gifts. I love them more than I ever thought possible. I thank my Father in Heaven every day for sending them to me.

The amazing thing about families is that we get the best and the worst of each other. I love them unconditionally at their best and worst and vice versa. They don’t need a mom who is perfect and has the house spotless and has spent too much money on the latest video game for them. They just want us, our time and attention and that’s really pretty sweet.

That doesn’t mean that I spend every waking minute at their side doing things with them, but it means I do my best to spend time with each kid every day, to take time and listen when they talk to me, even when it seems to be total gibberish. No day is perfect, but my priority is my family and I hope they feel that.

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