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How do we live a life without judgment?  I want to offer the simple idea of a judgment-free zone.  We all know it is best to worry about ourselves and not others—so how come it is so hard at times to do so?  It is time to practice putting on the words, “Judgment Free Zone.”  These words matter!  

They have been a game-changer for how I show up to life and I want to offer them to you too. Most circumstances of life we can’t control and that has to do with changing how others behave or what they say.  Our brain wants to tell us that if we could change how this person behaves, then we would be happy.  This is not true.

The way to feel happy has to do with our thoughts about the circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. 

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The great thing about this is that we can control our thoughts.  Despite what others do, we can decide how we want to think about it. The power to feel happy is within us. 

We can’t always control our first thoughts but we do have power to decide our second and third thoughts.  Becoming aware of our thoughts is the first step of awareness and then we get to intentionally choose the thoughts we put on.  

When we think negative thoughts towards others or want to start to judge a person, let us remember that judgment only causes us misery, not the person we are judging.  When we think of how to be happy in life we will do best if we just keep our focus on ourselves. 

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A mentor of mine offered me these words to say, “change me, bless them” when I find I don’t agree with how someone is doing something and want to start passing judgment.   Or like the quote by Lisa Villa Prosen that says, “The happiest people I know are evaluating and improving themselves.  The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.” 

This life is too short to be unhappy.  Where are you spending your time and focus?  

The way to put on love is to continue to work on our relationship with ourselves.  As we bring our focus back to ourselves, we will not have time to judge others.   Here are three simple tips to begin to work on with your relationship with yourself.

  1. You are 100% loveable.  There’s nothing you can do to be more worthy of love.
  2. If you don’t love yourself, it’s a reflection of your choice not to love yourself, not your lovability.  You are the object of your love, but your lovability will depend on your willingness and capacity to love yourself unconditionally.
  3. How you treat yourself reflects your thoughts about yourself.

It is time to develop an amazing relationship with yourself despite what others do around you.  It is a simple process–to commit to think awesome thoughts about yourself.  A good way to work on this is to practice a judgment-free zone.  When the thoughts of judgment come up—decide to let them go and put on thoughts that help you feel happy.

To discover more about this topic, check out my latest podcast episode, “Judgment Free Zone,” on The Word Effect Podcast with Becky Jane Kemp

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Make Today Amazing,

Becky Kemp

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