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Do your kids have their favorite go-to books when it’s time to read? When our kids were younger, “It’s the Bear” and “My Friend Bear” by Jez Alborough were high on their list. Only recently did I learn that we missed the origin story “Where’s My Teddy” also by Jez Alborough. What!? How could that have happened? I don’t know, but I feel responsible so I decided to make things right and just ordered, “Where’s My Teddy.” Even though my kids are now 23, 21, 18, and 17, I feel certain they will be excited for a little story time next time we are together.

It's the Bear

In “It’s the Bear” Eddy and his teddy Freddy adventure into the woods for a picnic with Eddy’s mom. Eddy keeps sharing his nervousness about meeting a bear in the woods, but mom quickly dismisses the possibility. In this light hearted story you as the reader have a sneak peek of what is coming. Small bits of information create delightful anticipation for kids as they watch Eddy’s mom run back to the car to grab a forgotten item, leaving
Eddy all alone in the forest.

Can you guess what happens? “It’s the Bear!”

Follow this story up with questions like:

  • “Can you think of a time you felt nervous?”
  • “Have you ever been right about something and mom/dad been wrong?”
  • “What do you think would have helped Eddy feel better in the woods?”
  • “How does it feel when people don’t listen?”
  • “What does Eddy do to help himself?”

Curiosity is always key. See what conversations open up with a few strategically placed questions, and a willingness to listen.

If you need a fun light read our family highly recommends “It’s the Bear” and “My Friend Bear.” A little pro tip- add a layer of fun and make sure you and your kids yell the exclamatory statements. Now, I’m off to gather my adult kids for a little story time with the beginning of it all, “Where’s My Teddy” by Jez Alborough.

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