By Olea Gough

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Just the other day, I ran across this journal entry I wrote in 2009 when my kids were nine and seven years old. I remember these feelings of overwhelm vividly. Now I sit in a quiet house with a lot more time to focus on the kitchen, laundry and me and I realize with certainty how all that I did and all that I dropped the ball on, truly were enough. I am grateful for the time I set the house and entertainment aside to invest in my children. It was enough.

It Is Enough – May 16, 2009

In one week I have:

Gotten up at 5:30 every morning to make my husband breakfast before he leaves for work

Shaved and bathed the dog

Made two batches of cookies and a Jicama Salad for three different school events

Gone on a choir field trip with 52 ecstatic, energetic children

Gone to lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for more than half a year who needed to talk

Gone to three baseball practices…

A baseball game…

A soccer game…

A karate practice…

A guitar practice…


Spent an evening helping Webelos work on their activity badges

Finally gotten my hair done after a six-month lapse, because there just wasn’t time or money before now

Made cookies for the neighbor who has been helping us redo our yard

Made time for a date with my over-worked husband

Taught art classes for a full day to kids first through fourth grades

Rescued a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest

Taken the baby bird to a bird refuge


Argued with a nine-year old about standing on other people’s cars, having oatmeal for breakfast four days in a row, and if she REALLY has to practice her guitar for a full half hour every single day

Dragged a seven-year old around the house to show him all the deserted items he has left in every single room of the house every single day of the week…

And yet I feel like I haven’t done anything because…

I have not a sink full, but a kitchen full of dirty dishes,

A mountain of laundry,

A craft room/office stuffed with a dozen piles needing to be sorted and filed or put away,

And a “to do” list as long as my arm!

But somehow when I walk by my son at the school and his eyes twinkle as he says, “Hi Mom!”

Or I wake up to my daughter’s beautiful voice singing as she makes me breakfast

I realize…

It is enough.


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