By Becky Kemp

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How do you invest in yourself?  It is always easier to invest in others than it is to focus on our desires or wants.  Why is that?  My good friend and Coach Robyn Mons (@robyn_mons_coaching) recently reminded me of some great questions to ask ourselves when our brain begins to object when it is time to implement and I share those questions in my most recent podcast, Episode 28: Invest In Yourself.  

I believe one of the best ways to discover The Word Effect in your own life is to take the time and resources to invest in yourself.  First, we begin to acknowledge our dreams, desires, or passions and our primitive brain starts to be motivated by three things: to seek pleasure, to conserve energy, or to avoid pain.   This is why so many of us get excited to try something new but when it is time, our brain is motivated to stay safe and do what it has always done.  


When we become aware of this and begin to appeal to our natural motivators–we will regain our power to become our best self.  As you ask questions and see that it is normal to want to avoid pain, conserve energy and seek pleasure in everything we do, we allow ourselves to be human beings.  This is normal.  We can then experiment upon the word–that is The Word Effect and as we acknowledge, ask and accept we will begin to move forward.  I invite you to begin to listen, learn and live the life you have always wanted.  Ask yourself HOW do I listen?  HOW do I learn?  HOW do I live today?  You have the power to change your story and it starts as you invest in you! 

More information regarding the motivational triad is in Episode 28 on The Word Effect Podcast.  Also, it is time to invest in yourself and go to to schedule your free call to explore The Word Effect in your own life and discover how you can create the life you always desired to live.  It is time to invest in you!


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