By Olea Gough


How blessed and happy we are when we follow the teachings of Jesus.

The sermon on the mount has taught me so much about the joy made available to me through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

When I researched the word “blessed” I found that the way it is used by Jesus comes from the Greek word makarios, which means to be happy or blissful, but it also means a self-contained happiness. Self-contained, meaning that regardless of what is happening to us externally, we can be truly happy internally. Understanding this helps me understand that the blessings of developing the characteristics mentioned in this beautiful sermon come immediately and not necessarily at some later time as I had previously supposed. Working on developing them is what brings us happiness even amidst the storms of life.

I think being poor in spirit is just someone who is completely aware that they are spiritually lacking and that without Christ they will never be complete or enough.

One who mourns is one who recognizes life is hard but turns to the Savior for comfort.

Those who are meek are not easily ruffled. They are careful in their responses. They listen for understanding and include the Spirit in resolving issues.

If we hunger and thirst after righteousness, we recognize the ways in which we are empty and go to the correct sources to be filled. We are aware of our weaknesses and or needs. This requires a deep humility and willingness to be vulnerable.

When we are gentle and forgiving with others, we will also be more gentle and forgiving with ourselves. We achieve much more progress by receiving the gift of the atonement and moving forward than we ever will by dwelling on our past mistakes and condemning ourselves and others.

When we focus on keeping our covenants and remaining pure in our thoughts and motives, we are able to keep the Holy Ghost with us and stay closer to our Father and Savior.

We become peacemakers as we focus on being builders rather than demolishers. If we are intent on solving problems rather than creating them, lifting rather than tearing down, we will have peace and be able to share that peace with others.

We receive an extra measure of peace and comfort when we defend Christ in the way He would, like when we are willing to allow others to persecute us while not being swayed in our beliefs.

Adopting these characteristics and becoming a disciple of Christ really boils down to coming to Him, following Him, and relying Him. All these offered blessings are opportunities for happiness and they are completely reliant on us building a relationship with Christ and relying on His power to obtain them. They are blessings that can be collected now as well as at some future time.

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