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It is so fun to read Isaiah’s writings and know that he saw the whole plan of God unfolded including our pre-earth life, our Savior’s life and sacrifice, and the restoration of Christ’s church in the latter days.

Knowing where we come from can make such a big difference in our lives. The very first scripture story I drew images for was to help my daughter give a talk on the war in heaven. As I worked on that project, I remember vividly how much I felt the love of our Heavenly Father for each of us. That story helps us understand just how much value God places on our personal agency. He wants us all back, but He wants us to choose that path. Satan had as much concern for each of us then as He does now. The only thing he cared about was power and recognition, or God’s glory for himself. Jesus likewise cared about us then the way He does now. He saw the wisdom in the Father’s plan and was willing to sacrifice His own life to make it happen. We all understood the plan. We understood the need for us to come to earth to gain not only a body but the experience necessary to become more like our Heavenly Parents and older Brother. We were willing to fight for it. We shouted for joy at the prospect of coming to earth to experience the challenges and trials that would provide the necessary polishing and refinement. As hard as they are, they are necessary to the plan.


When Heavenly Father presented His plan, He knew we would need a guide, someone to show us the way to live. He also knew we would not be capable of experiencing life on earth without making mistakes and some really bad choices using our gift of agency. He knew that these sins would make us unworthy to return to His presence. Because of this, we would require a redeemer, someone to pay the price and redeem us from our unworthy condition. Our Jesus was willing to do this for us. He humbly came to earth, taught us the commandments and showed us the way we should live. He was willing to suffer for each and every one of us, to feel the anguish of our wrongdoings as well as the pain we would feel when the people around us fell short. Our Savior suffered from the Garden of Gethsemane all the way to the cross to be sure ALL men would be given the opportunity to repent and be made clean, as well as the ability to be healed and made whole. Then He laid down His live and broke the chains of death so we could be resurrected just like Him. How grateful I am for our Jesus! What He did for us, we can never repay and should never forget!


The final part to the plan that Isaiah saw would come after the gospel that Jesus taught was lost from the earth. Isaiah saw that there would be a marvelous work and a wonder performed in the last days. He saw that Joseph Smith would be integral to that part of the plan. Joseph had a yearning for a relationship with God and a church that would help him acquire that. He also had a great desire to be clean from his sins. At the age of 14, after finding a verse in the Bible that told him he could take his concerns to God, Joseph took his desires to a grove of trees. There he began to pray. Satan did not want him to get the answers he desired and fought to prevent his prayers from reaching heaven by cloaking him in darkness and closing off his throat. But a light from above set Joseph free. God the Father and His son Jesus Christ appeared to that boy. With that appearance came a calling that would unfold over the next two decades as Joseph was given the gold plates by Moroni, translated them into the Book of Mormon, and restored the Church of Jesus Christ with all its power and authority to the earth for our day, never to leave again.


God’s plan is a perfect plan! We are so blessed to know the plan. We are blessed to know who we are and where we came from. We are blessed to know that through Christ we can learn and grow, repent and be redeemed and someday return to live with our Heavenly Parents. We are blessed to have the scriptures to teach us what we need to do. We are blessed to know that God’s power has been restored to the earth in our day allowing us to receive all the ordinances necessary to return home to live with them. Jesus Christ is central to that plan. Because of Him, the plan is complete.


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