By Olea Gough

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There is a plan.

I believe that one of the things that helps us most in dealing with the hardships that come in life is to truly understand who we are and where we came from.


I really find so much joy reading through the primary lessons and remembering the fundamental truths of the gospel in beautiful simplicity. This week as I pondered on the lessons as they were written to teach the children of our church, both the nursery lesson and the primary lesson reminded me of these most important truths:

•         I am a child of God.

•         He loves me.

•         He created a plan for me to come to earth, have challenging experiences that would help me turn to Him and push me to grow to reach the potential He sees within me.

•         He sent a Savior, our Brother Jesus Christ to atone for us that we might be forgiven when we make mistakes and repent AND to supply us with enabling power to give us strength beyond our own to overcome this world.

The title of this week’s lesson is, “We Have Found the Messiah.” It is interesting how as we seek the Messiah in our lives, we find not only Him but also a better understanding of ourselves. The closer we grow to Him the more we understand our true value and purpose. It is His presence in my life that helps me keep an eternal perspective, remembering that there is a purpose behind the pain that is an inevitable part of life and a home I am seeking to return to. Knowing that He walked the mortal path and experienced hardship helps me trust my heart to Him when it is hard to trust anyone else with it.

I am grateful I have found the Messiah in my life and that I am continually learning what that really means. I am grateful for the testimony I have of His love and the love of my Heavenly Parents. I am grateful to know there is a plan for my life, even one that includes progress through pain, and that when I lean on He who created it, life feels less heavy. These truths bring so much peace and make me so excited to share them with others. I want them to find the Messiah in their lives too!

The Primary Manual for Come Follow Me is perfect for families with young children!

January week 4: January 16–22. John 1: We Have Found the Messiah (

Click DOWNLOAD below to get these FREE coloring pages from Rising Moon Adventures that I created to go with this lesson:

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Song 1: Jesus by Chris Tomlin

Song 2: My Jesus by Anne Wilson


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