By Olea Gough

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Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about the Parable of the Ten Virgins. When I was younger and would hear the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, I used to think it was selfish that the wise wouldn’t share their oil. As I have grown in wisdom, I have come to understand that it wasn’t that they wouldn’t share, but rather that they couldn’t.

The oil that we accumulate in preparation is gathered drop by drop as we spend time with the Lord. It is a relationship which is built over time by intentional sacrifice and diligence. It is the Spirit that increases in our life with our effort each time we kneel in prayer, feast from our scriptures, review a conference talk, listen to music about our Savior, spend time pondering on gospel principles, take time to serve someone, attend church meetings or temple sessions, make, renew, or remember covenants, etc. These are our gathering moments. And because they deposit one drop at a time, sometimes we don’t even notice the difference they are making in our lives.

In the Bible dictionary under Zechariah it says,

“The lamps might represent the light shed by the people or that shed among them. The oil is the symbol of the Spirit, through whom, and not by might or power, all Israel’s work and destiny shall be accomplished.”

I love the thought of the gospel being spread by the soft gentle light of the Spirit not by any might or power on our part. The Spirit is the oil that powers the lamp to shed that light, our only job is to make our lamp available for filling.

I have decided that this year I want to focus on small and simple ways we can anchor in Christ. Each month I will share a different focus action with ideas on how to implement it. If this is something that would help you, you can join me on Instagram @letsgetanchored or on Facebook on my Rising Moon Adventures page.

This month I want to focus on how getting organized helps us anchor in Christ especially as mothers.

Julie B. Beck gave a beautiful talk called Mothers Who Know. In it, she said, “The responsibility mothers have today has never required more vigilance.”

It is our responsibility to create an environment where growth can and will occur for ourselves personally and for our children.

This must be an intentional act. We have to prayerfully consider what things we are doing are sufficient, what may need to be added, and what needs to be removed. This needs to be done on a regular basis.

It’s too easy to get into the grind of the day to day only to look back later and wish we had put more effort into planning certain areas, especially with our kids!

If we don’t chart a course and make a plan I can testify personally that we end up on paths we did not plan, having to put immense effort into regaining ground we once had. I also testify that if you even make an intentional 1% increase in seeking to organize and align your time to include more of the Savior, He will bless you and your family more than you can even comprehend!

Challenge: Take some time this week to ponder what actions you are doing well in your home to gather the Spirit drop by drop. What are some adjustments that need to be made? Are there things you need to add? Are there things you need to eliminate?

Song: Faithful by Erik Nieder

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