By Olea Gough


The wise man built his house upon a rock.

The rock the wise man built on is Christ. He is the bedrock we build on and is always solid and sure. Then we build our personal foundations on that rock over time as our testimonies.


Being wise and building a sure foundation does not mean we won’t ever have to make repairs, just that our foundation will persist. Regular upkeep and repairs will always be needed. That is part of life. But examining and patching regularly and consistently is like filling our lamps drop by drop, it ensures that when the hard times come, we have strengthened it sufficiently to not completely crumble.

A building maintenance man is not like a policeman, only called in an emergency, he is on the premises and watching for little problems to fix before they become big ones. We need to have the same awareness of our personal foundation.


Storms will blow into our lives and sometimes the foundation we have built will be cracked or damaged in some way. I am actually grateful for storms that have blown into my life because they have revealed my weak areas, giving me an opportunity to focus on strengthening them. They have also given me the chance to recognize and give thanks to God for the strength and stability of the rest of my foundation, the things I have overcome and mastered with effort and His help.


I’m so grateful that even after the Lord helps me make repairs, I get to remember the storms and the repairs we have made. It gives me gratitude for the things I have learned and my Savior’s ability to help me overcome my weaknesses through His atonement.

Personal inventory of weaknesses is very important. I think most of us are pretty good at making a regular assessment of those, but I think it is equally important to inventory the things that we have overcome and mastered or are currently doing well and ask for validation that the Lord is pleased with us. We should take time to acknowledge our growth and efforts. I believe the Lord would want that.


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