By Olea Gough


We are born again through baptism.

I love imagining the encounter that Nicodemus had with Jesus. Nicodemus was a Pharisee, which means he held strict observance of the tradition and the written law in their day. Pharisees were typically seen as higher status, though maybe mostly in their own eyes.

So, one night, Nicodemus comes to Jesus to ask Him some questions. He tells Jesus that he recognizes Him as a teacher come from God because of the miracles he has seen Jesus perform. He knows He has the power of God with Him.

Knowing that Nicodemus was a man loyal to tradition, Jesus said to Him, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

We are so familiar with this phrase that it seems so obvious to us that Jesus meant we must be baptized, confirmed and then converted to Him in our hearts. But Nicodemus had never heard this phrase and it sounded crazy to him. He wondered how a man could go back inside his mother to be born a second time. Jesus took the time to explain about the need for baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost as necessary steps to following Him to heaven. 

Their conversation is so beautiful and instructional for each of us. Jesus taught Nicodemus that things we are taught by the Spirit are hard to prove, like the wind is hard to explain. Faith is necessary for us to believe and understand the things of God. He taught him that He would be lifted up on the cross and sacrificed in behalf of all those who would believe on Him. It is because God loves His children so much that He was willing for Jesus to be a sacrifice in our behalf. If we look to Him, if we follow Him, we will be saved. Jesus was sent by our Heavenly Father not to condemn the world for their mistakes and sins, but to save them from their weakness through Jesus.

How grateful I am for the opportunity to know how I can be born again. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His willingness to come to earth to show me how to live, and that through His atonement and crucifixion I can be redeemed from my human weakness. I am grateful for the ordinance of baptism which helped me enter that strait and narrow gate and for the gift of the Holy Ghost which helps me continue on that path and even return to it when I stray. We are so blessed to know of the love of God and of His plan to save us!

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