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The thing about David is that he trusted the Lord. The other thing about David is that he did his part to prepare himself. One of my favorite quotes was in a book by Francine Rivers. In the story, a woman was talking to her husband, and she said, “You better pray. You can’t go into battle wearing only spiritual underwear.”


As a child I remember being so captivated by the story of David and Goliath. I was amazed that a young man would have the courage to face a giant when a whole army of men was too afraid to fight. I loved that he had that kind of faith and it inspired me to have big faith too.

The Lord will fight with us and for us, but there are so many things that we can do to prepare ourselves as well.

As an adult, I have been intrigued with the imagery of the armor of God. To think that there are things we can do daily that will help us remain ready for battles that could come at any time is wonderful to me. The Lord will fight with us and for us, but there are so many things that we can do to prepare ourselves as well.

I got to help with a girls’ camp in 2013 and the theme we chose was Stand Wearing the Armor of God. We enjoyed studying the different pieces of armor and thinking about how they could apply spiritually.

  • The Helmet could be intentional selection of what we put into our minds through music and media.
  • The Breastplate of Righteousness could be using God’s commandments to determine what we will allow to control our hearts.
  • The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace could be learning about our Savior, the Prince of peace, and how to follow in His ways.
  • The Belt of Truth that girds our loins may be learning to understand the value of our virtue and protecting it at all costs, not falling prey to the lies that are prevalent in the world that teach that it means nothing and is acceptable to give away freely.
  • The Sword of the Spirit could be learning exactly how to “hear Him” and listening when He speaks to us.
  • The Shield of Faith could be searching the scriptures, pondering, and praying increasing our faith that God lives and that He loves us. It is learning to trust that Jesus Christ suffered and died for us, and did so for each individual because He loves us personally. It is using with gratitude the gift He has given us to repent and turn back to Him daily.

I know and testify that when we put this armor on with intent, we will come to find special ways, unique to each of us that will give us more power at the times when we need it most. We will find happiness wearing this armor as we walk the covenant path. The armor of God is not necessarily comfortable to wear, but it will protect us and keep us safe. It guarantees peace in our lives in a world where that is hard to come by.  That peace is worth more than anything money could buy.

Elder M. Russell Ballard said,

“I like to think of this spiritual armor not as a solid piece of metal molded to fit the body, but more like chain mail. Chain mail consists of dozens of tiny pieces of steel fastened together to allow the user greater flexibility without losing protection. I say that because it has been my expertise, covering many more years than you have yet been privileged to live. That there is not one great and grand thing we can we can do to arm ourselves spiritually.  True spiritual power lies in numerous smaller acts woven together in a fabric of spiritual fortification that protects and shields all from evil.”

Viewpoint: Put on the Armor of God, Elder M. Russell Ballard

Before facing Goliath, David armed himself with a sling and some stones. But more importantly, he had spent time learning how to trust the Lord. You can bet that he was not in his spiritual underwear, but wearing the whole armor of God when he stepped up to face his giant.


No matter what Goliaths we are facing in our lives, God can and will stand with us to fight our battles. In each of those battles the biggest giant we face is Satan. He celebrates whenever one of God’s strong and valiant children fall, no matter the age.  Please take the time to arm yourself. And take time to teach your children how to arm themselves. Nothing is more important than this.

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June Week 3 Lesson: The Battle is the Lord’s

June 13–19. 1 Samuel 8–10; 13; 15–18: “The Battle Is the Lord’s” (

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Song 1: Goliath by Joseph Habedank

Song 2: God of the Impossible by Everfound

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