By Brynne Wise

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I am willing to be bold, and potentially controversial, in hopes that this message about self-love helps even just one beautiful soul out there:

I personally believe that the message of self-love, no matter your size and shape, has turned into a tool of the adversary.

Please hear me out.

It has turned into one of those, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” ideas. As if our actions have no consequence.

Loving ourselves no matter our shape and size has turned into, “It’s okay to overeat, feel like crap, fuel myself with garbage, feel incredibly lethargic, and sleep and eat and drink way too much because… I LOVE MYSELF!”

act like it

Okay… cool! I’m glad you love yourself!

But… if we truly love ourselves, why are we treating ourselves like garbage?

Look at the facts:

* How do you feel walking up the stairs?
* Can you create memories hiking? Or at the beach?
* Can you fly on an airplane at a moment’s notice to go visit a dying relative?
* Can you carry your son, or daughter, niece or nephew, across town if your car were to run out of gas, or in case of an emergency?
* Can you help others physically?

Self-love is about loving yourself from the inside out. Am I saying you have to be skinny to be lovable? NO. That’s not what I’m saying.

I am saying that if you truly love yourself, ACT like it.

It’s one thing to tell your child that you love them… it’s another thing entirely to SHOW them that you love them.

Exercise because you love yourself, and you love your heart, and you want it to function optimally.

Eat healthy because you love yourself, and you want to have energy, and feel amazing more often than not.

Satan doesn’t have a body… so of COURSE he wants you to love yours just the way it is, no matter how good or bad you feel on the inside, because “Just be grateful for what you have!”

Don’t just talk about how you love your body.
ACT like you love your body.

Give your body the gift of energy. Exercise and eat healthy not because you hate yourself, but because you LOVE yourself.

Because when we love our bodies, and when we ACT like we love our bodies, we have the energy to be the mom we want to be.  We have the energy to be the person God sent us here to be.


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  • Miranda Montgomery

    I love this! Self love and self care have turned into synonyms for indulgence and escape but that’s often how we find ourselves in need of real self care. When self care is actually regularly taking care of ourselves we’ll need less emergency self care escapes when we’ve reached the stage of desperation! I love the book “How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids” by Carla Naumburg, it taught me a different way to look at self care that made me see it as better taking care of myself and not just escaping from my kids when I reach my breaking point.

    • Brynne Wise

      Oh I LOVE that! I’m gonna have to read that book! I always love a good book suggestion! Thank you for sharing that! And I could not agree more!!! Let’s create lives we don’t feel we have to escape from! 😍

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