By Becky Kemp

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How do you want to feel today?  How do you put on LOVE?  Did you know that you have the power to decide how you feel based on the thoughts you choose to put on?  As humans, we all have a desire to love and be loved.  

Each morning when you go into your bedroom closet and decide what to put on physically, you begin to make little and small choices.  You might think about different things, such as the weather, what activity you are going to be doing for the day, and even how you feel as you decide what to put on.  For me, every Thursday morning  I attend an adult women’s clogging class.  I wake up and dress accordingly.  I wear exercise clothes, tennis shoes, and have a small bag that I take my clogging shoes in to change into once I get to the studio.  I think about what I am putting on because I know it is much easier clogging in clothes that allow me to move.  I would never choose to show up to clogging in jeans and snow-boots.   


We often spend more time thinking of what to wear physically than what to put on internally!   Our thoughts are often negative and then those drive feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and discontent.   I have found putting small and simple reminders in my life with power words helps me put on the feeling of love much easier. These reminders help me remember how important it is to think about the thoughts I am choosing to put on each day.  

It is time to become aware of our thoughts and become more intentional about how we want to feel.  This is how we put on love–with the thoughts we choose to put on.   I love putting on thoughts that help me feel more love in my heart. I believe putting on love is an inside job.  It reminds me of the simple reminder we are given each time we buckle up on an airplane flight.  “In case of an emergency, please put the oxygen mask on you first and then help others.”   As we learn how to put on love for ourselves, it is that first step of self-care.  As we take care of ourselves, we then will have the ability to help others.  

So ask yourself, how do I want to feel?  If you are wanting to feel more love in your life, I share three powerful thoughts that you can practice putting on:

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  • First, a thought I put on almost daily by reading it and saying it to myself is “I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”  
  • Another phrase is “I do, I have, I am enough.” 
  • The last phrase is “gratitude helps you fall in love with the Iife you already have.”     

All three of these statements are powerful and help us put on love–first for ourselves and then for others.  We can’t change the circumstances around us but we do have control of the thoughts we put on.

Check out my latest podcast, How To Put On Love, Episode 15 on The Word Effect.  There I share more positive and proactive ideas on how to put on love.  

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