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Hi homeschooling mamas! Today I wanted to talk about weird sick days and homeschool. 

This past weekend we were sick. One child, then another, then me and the other 3 kiddos. So now what? Do we take 5-6 days off? How can we keep going when we’re under the weather? And we had daylight savings time end on us as well, so the time change made everything even wonkier. What’s to be done? Do we push ourselves to the point of tears because we have to stay on schedule? Do we let it all go and feel guilty for time lost?

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I suppose you could do either of those things. Lord knows I’ve tried both! But instead, I think the better choice is grace and love. Grace for the place you’re in and the emotional state of your family, love for yourself and your children and your choices. That’s the beauty of homeschooling, you get to mold and modify the schedule as needed, and you decide what’s best for you and your children each day. 

We still got some school work done in these past few days. The healthier children did more intense work and I read to those who were sick. When I was sick, the kids read to me and did their math nearby so I could assist as needed. The older children helped the younger children with their lessons. And maybe they watched more TV than usual, but thank goodness for the many many learning shows available. Things weren’t normal, but they worked! It was what we needed to do for our family’s health and sanity in the moment.

Be willing to be flexible. If anyone ends up in tears, it’s time to change what you’re doing! Leave room for change and give your family the gifts of grace and love that are so so necessary on this journey. 

What have you done to keep the learning happening during times that aren’t the norm?

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