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Hello again you amazing moms! Today I wanted to talk about your homeschool schedule….not your daily schedule but your yearly schedule. Today is August 25, and where I live the weather is still beautiful! When you were in school, do you remember those days sitting in the classroom while outside was gorgeous?! And if it was hot out, you may have been sweating to death inside if you didn’t have AC (that was me!) All you could think about was getting out of that classroom and into the beautiful weather.

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Guess what, your kids don’t have to relive that experience! Let them play on those beautiful days. Homeschool outside if you want, or just let them do their own thing. Nature studies are a great way to get outside, learning survival skills is another fun reason to be out there, or just let them play! It’s ok, honestly!

Remember, the goal isn’t to get the curriculum done, or to get worksheets done. The goal is to build a strong relationship with your child. If you have more than one kiddo it’s to help them develop a strong relationship with each other, and to develop in them a love of learning. Get outside and help them find their curiosity again if they’ve lost it! And if not, let them help you find YOUR curiosity again if you’ve lost it (since, sadly, most adults have).

Play, explore, hike, sit quietly and listen, and play some more. Don’t worry about what days “count” as school. They ALL count. They’re learning every day! Allow them to enjoy it, and allow yourself to enjoy it.

I promise it’s not cheating if they, and you, are having fun! Try homeschool outside!

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