By Becky Hong

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Have you and your family been spending a lot more time at home lately? During this last year, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different house? Or a different place? What if your house was a Lighthouse?!?

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall is about a lighthouse keeper and the lighthouse he lives in. The keeper’s family eventually comes to live with him as well. Imagine if your house were round and each floor was its own room! Imagine if you had to help keep the light going all night long, or keep the horn sounding in the foggy night. 

This book helps you imagine this, as well as goes through the daily tasks that the lighthouse keepers had. It’s probably a job that many of our kids didn’t realize really existed back in the day! 

The illustrations are beautiful and peaceful, a really lovely bedtime book. The end of the book even has some deep history into lighthouse keepers and their families. Next time you are driving near the ocean, maybe you’ll look at lighthouses a bit more closely and wonder what it may have been like to live in one! 

There are even some historic lighthouses that have been turned into little Bed and Breakfasts! When we can all travel again, that would be a fun to check out, don’t you think?

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