By Brynne Wise

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A few days ago, I took this happy little human, with his piggy bank full of quarters, dimes, and nickels, to Hobby Lobby so he could pick out his very own new animal. 🥰

When he picked it out, and went to the cash register, he was having a hard time wrapping his amazing and cute brain around WHY he couldn’t have the money AND the chameleon.

He wanted to keep both.

I tried to explain that money is something we exchange for something we want more. And I asked him, “What do you want more? The money? Or your chameleon?” Clearly, you see the choice he made, but he still wasn’t so happy about being unable to keep both. 🤪

money buys me a chameleon!

Later that day, he said a prayer, and he thanked God, “Thank you for money so that I could get a chameleon.”

Oh, the sweet little heart of a child.
They teach me so much.

How often do I pray in gratitude for money?
How often do I express gratitude that I too can exchange it for the things that bring me joy? Like a comfy couch, a fabulous bed, delicious healthy food to fill my fridge, heat, hot water, clothes, gas, a running car, etc.?

This time of year, I’m thinking more about the things I have to be grateful for. And money definitely makes that list. Thanks for the fabulous reminder, my sweet boy.

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