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One of the questions I get asked most often is: Girl, HOW do you do everything you do??!

I have 3 kids who are ages 4, 3, and 1, I am a health, fitness, mindset and nutrition coach, I am a podcast host, I write for the Strong Mom’s blog, I post on social media daily, I enjoy my hobbies and passions in dance, fitness and reading good books, I serve faithfully in my church, I am a wife, sister, friend, daughter, and thanks to mom life, I am also a chef, housekeeper, chauffeur, doctor, librarian, playmate, homemaker, and more.

Want to know my answer? How do I do it all
That’s how I do it all.

G – Get more done.
R – Really look at your time.
A – Ask for help.
C – Create your own dreams instead of watching others live theirs.
E – Expect opposition.

Let me share more about each of these:

G – Get more done: it’s an amazing tool I learned thanks to the book Atomic Habits, and I like to call it habit stacking! I am constantly putting mindless tasks on top of other tasks. If I’m folding the laundry? I’m also listening to uplifting audio or checking in on my fit life community. If I’m doing the dishes? I’m also listening to uplifting audio or checking in on my fit life community. If I’m driving by myself? Same thing. If I’m showering or getting ready… yep, you guessed it! Personal development, trainings, calls, or check-ins with my people. I stack habits on top of each other! 90% of the time! (Other 10%? I’m listening to music!)

R – Really look at your time: it’s an amazing tool I learned from the book Everything Is Figureoutable, and it’s called time blocking! My favorite planner I use absolutely everyday is called Clever Fox. And everyday I look at my calendar, put the non-negotiable tasks in first (appointments, events, etc.), and then work in all the things that matter to me in all the white spaces! It helped me find all the time I REALLY DO have and use it more wisely! To play more. To go do fun things with my kids more. To organize more. To actually check things off my to-do list more. Because I have the time. I just needed to look for it, and use it wisely. And I have no blank space on my calendar from the time I wake up from the time I go to sleep. Self-care is in there. Eating is in there. Nap for me? It’s in there. Family time? It’s in there. Time to be spontaneous? Yep, it’s in my calendar too. Workout time? Yep. It’s there. Everything that matters to me. It’s on my calendar. Everyday.

A – Ask for help. Like really. Ask your husband to pick up the groceries instead. Hire someone to help you deep clean your home. Allow your mother-in-law to play with her grandkids for a few hours so you can enjoy a date night with your spouse. Look into grocery pickup and delivery services. Do neighbor exchanges with your kids so you have a few hours to yourself each week. Get a babysitter. When someone offers help? Accept it. And when you’re in over your head, hang up your Superman cape, accept that you’re human, and ASK for help.

C – Create your own dreams instead of watching others live theirs. Turn off the TV. If you want more time to pursue your passions, to workout, to play, to laugh, to explore? Really take a look at how often the TV is on in your home. And then? Turn it off. I sit down to watch TV maybe 2 hours a week. Maybe. Sometimes, most of the time actually, zero. Zero minutes. Not even with my spouse. We play games instead. Or talk. Or make love. Or dream together. Or exercise together. Or plan things. Or work. My kids watch TV way more than I do, and way more than I’d like, I’ll be 10000% transparent about that, but me? I don’t do it. I’m creating my own dream life instead.

do everything

E – Expect opposition. When you decide you want to do more with your life, you will be attacked with guilt, and limiting beliefs, and doubts, and fear. Expect it. Say hi to it. That’s the adversary. And then? Lean on God. Because you can do allllll things through Christ who strengthens you.

You wanna get more done with your life? Give yourself the gift of GRACE.


️ You’ve got this!


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