By Jodi Milner

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Have you ever had a goal that was so big that it was a little scary? Maybe you challenged yourself to run your first 5k. Maybe you are ready to write that book you’ve been thinking about for a few years. Big goals are just that, big. They require lots of time and effort, not to mention learning a whole new skill set. 

What about small goals that help us create healthier habits in our lives? You already have all the skills and the time, but you are struggling with the drive to do it on a schedule every day. For these small goals, you need a special kind of support.

The first thing you must always remember is that you are not required to do anything big, scary, or challenging alone. Help and support can be as close as a text away. The idea of a goal buddy isn’t new. We’ve been leaning on friends and family to help with hard things for ages. All that matters is that you feel comfortable reaching out to this person for support and that they can reach out to you in return.

It comes down to creating a support system to help you work toward your goal. In Psychology Today, they emphasize the importance of having this social support in place. Those who have a strong network tend to handle their stress levels better and have stronger self-esteem.

Finding a Goal Buddy

When it comes to specific goals, finding someone who has already found success doing the thing you want to do is ideal. Like in the example of wanting to run a 5k, you’d want to find someone who has already run one so you can ask them the important questions, and even better, go out on training runs with you. The same goes for writing a book. Having a friend on your side that is already familiar with all the ins and outs of publishing can make all the difference when it comes to what step you should take next.

Finding an accountability buddy is a little different. You don’t have to have the same goals. All you need is the desire to incorporate a new habit into your life. Make it fun. Make it a game. Check in with each other at important times of the day to encourage and remind each other what you’re working toward. 

How having a support system helped me get published

About twelve years ago, I finally decided that it was time to finally write that book that had been living in my head for far too long. At the time, I didn’t have any connections to the writing community or anyone I could talk to and I went it alone for a long time. While I learned a lot trying to figure everything out on my own, I also wasted a lot of energy trying and failing to do things that I didn’t have good information on. 

It wasn’t until I made connections with my local writing community that I finally got some good advice and even better, the support and cheerleading that I so desperately needed to take my next important steps. I’m proud to say that my third book will be released before the end of 2022!

Discussion question: What’s a goal you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing?


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