By Michelle Cox

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When we make assumptions about our kids, we might miss the most important part of the story. 

Sometimes we think we know exacty what’s going on, BUT we don’t. 

Listen to episode 231 for more lessons from my favorite four-year old on this very topic.

Sometimes we think we know the whole story, or because we know our kids, we can make good assumptions about their behaviors. And that might be true.

But often, assumptions don’t do anyone any good. They certainly do not help a child who wants to be seen and heard. So next time you want to jump to a conclusion, even if you think it’s a good one, STOP. 

Step back and ask, “What might I not be seeing?”

“How can I help this go better?” (Even if it’s rotten.)

“What does this child need that I might be overlooking?” (Even when you think they don’t deserve it.”)

Every child deserves a chance to be seen in their imperfect moments. Get curious and stand by them.


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