By Becky Kemp

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Have you ever considered the ride you are on? The ride we find ourselves on has to do with the choices we make. There are some things we don’t have power over but I have discovered I do have power over a few simple things, like the thoughts I put on each day.   

What if I told you by beginning to change just one word—you can change your life! I know, it sounds too good to be true.  I used to think so too until I got sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over–and finally decided to change my words!

The power found in words is a blueprint map that allows me to enjoy my own ride—despite the things I have no control of.  The words I put on are like the road signs you see on a road that give you direction and instruction as you continually move forward.   

The words I put on are like the road signs you see on a road that give you direction and instruction as you continually move forward.

Have you ever found yourself feeling despair from comparing yourself to others? I used to feel that way too–until I discovered how to put on a feeling of curiosity instead of competition.  This has allowed me to step forward and stay in my own lane!  We are all traveling on the highway of life and if we just compare ourselves to others—we will forget to enjoy our own ride and become stuck in misery. 

When I feel competition, I can stop and acknowledge it and begin to ask myself some simple questions.  One such question is, “how come I am feeling competition at this moment?”  I ask myself and then allow myself to answer.  For me, writing out my answers often gives me great clarity.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy.”  If you are not feeling joy in your life—it could be because you are putting on thoughts that cause you to feel comparison.  The great thing is we can change our thoughts and this will change how we feel.  


Awareness is the key to discovering if the words you put on are serving you and aligning you to your true self.  Coco Chanel has said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”  

If you are ready to discover the power found in words, I invite you to download “The One Word Way” a Free Ebook I have created that shows you the simple way to step forward from feeling unworthy and stuck in your ride of life by changing one word at a time.  Go to to download it!  

You are enough just the way you are–because you are YOU!  We are each Divine in the eyes of our creator.  It is time to enjoy your own ride!  For more information on this topic be sure to check out Episode 50, Enjoy Your Ride at The Word Effect Podcast



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