By Jodi Milner

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Challenges come in many forms and are different for everyone. What might be really hard for you, might be easy for someone else. Maybe you hate making appointments but are awesome at parallel parking. Maybe you have masterful conversational skills but can’t manage to convince your kiddos to put their shoes on. Some of these challenges require you to be braver than you feel like being.

Pretend you are a superhero – because you are!

Try This

When you need to face one of these challenges, here’s a simple trick that will make you feel braver. Strike a power pose. I’m not joking. Go in the bathroom, close the door, and stand in front of the mirror. Take thirty seconds to stand tall, breathe deep, stick your chest out, and pretend you are a superhero – because you are. This is also a great time to tell yourself empowering things – like a mantra or inspiring quote.


Not only does this give you an instant sense of well-being, it also allows your inner strength to shine. Your mind will take cues from your body and help you feel better.


I’ll be the first to admit that I get super anxious before authoring events. In the beginning, it was so bad that I would get pale and my hands would go cold and sweaty. Then, I learned how my own body language could change how my body responded to this extra stress. Instead of crumpling in and hugging my arms to my chest, I force myself to stretch my arms out and take deep breaths. Then, I put my hands on my hips and stick my chest out and tell myself that I can do the thing and do a great job. While I still feel nervous, it does make me feel better enough to take that first step in front of the crowd. 


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