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Decisions Determine Destiny! I have had these words, “Decisions Determine Destiny” hung on a sign on the door going out to my garage for many years. They are there as a reminder of how important decisions are, but I must admit that over time I have forgotten to even notice the words. These words had turned into just words hanging on my door until recently when they caught my attention again!

They are borrowed words from President Thomas S. Monson. I love HOW these words sound. Decisions determine destiny! What a hopeful message! But if I don’t put these words to work in my own life, they are just words. So, I asked myself, how do I want to put these words into my life today? After a few days?

decisions determine destiny

I taught a mastermind class this week with my life coaching group on the importance of decisions, constraint, and goal selection. Have you ever been asked to teach something and realize that as you prepare and learn YOU are your greatest student? I first noticed the words on my door—and then I prepared to share on the subject. Interesting timing—or is it?

As I am working on designing my coaching business, I am getting the opportunity to make lots of decisions right now. Some decisions are small and almost happen automatically. For example, brushing my teeth. It is a decision I have made to brush them every morning and evening. It is almost automatic. I very rarely miss—because I don’t like to miss. I have made it a priority. So I know that when I decide to do something I can do it.


There are other decisions you and I need to make that are not so automatic. How do I spend my time today? Where do I put my focus? Who do I feel compelled to become? These are all decisions that we each get to answer ourselves. The decisions we make will determine our destiny. The little things we do or don’t do matter.

So why are decisions so hard to make? I know for me I have fallen into the trap of thinking a decision is either right or wrong, good or bad. This is a thought that is optional, and I want to offer that to you too. Decisions are not right or wrong, good or bad. They are just decisions. We make the best choice with the information we have in front of us right now. We always have the option to redecide and to try another decision. If we are always waiting to make the “right” or “perfect” decision—we will spend our whole lives waiting to create our destiny and forget that the purpose of life is to live—to try—to fail—to learn and this allows us to become!

Think about it this way—Make your decision. Take action. Grow from it. Gain the confidence to continue making more decisions.

You can always change your mind and make a new decision. Sometimes we don’t know we are traveling on the wrong road until we travel down it and hit a roadblock that gives us the clarity to go back and take a new path!

As a life coach—I help middle-aged moms who are ready to stop waiting and start living the life they have always “secretly desired” to live. Moms who are sick and tired of living in procrastination, perfectionism, and self-pity but unsure how to step forward. As women, we often think change comes from our will power! What if I told you that you can create the life you have always desired with a power within—something you already have—“Word Power”. To change your story– starts with decisions. It is your time! Time to decide what you want your life to really look like and it is time to become willing to start making those small decisions to get you moving again.

Remember. Decisions are the ultimate power we have in our lives. We have a choice each day to decide. This truly will determine our destiny. If you are ready to step forward and change that behavior, need relationship tools, learn how to set boundaries, or have that difficult conversation, contact me! If you are ready to “put on love” and develop an amazing relationship with yourself—now is the time. Make those decisions now!

Sign up for a free mini-session at or message me if you have made the decision to stop waiting and start living! Today—let’s make some decisions!

Words Matter—Create the life you want with the power of words.

Xo, Becoming with Becky

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