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Have you ever had one (or a million) of those mornings where you just woke up, but you already feel frustrated, behind, needed, unappreciated and just… GAH? 

Oh momma, me too. Me too. 

There is a VERY tangible difference in my energy when my kiddos are my alarm clock, versus when I set an ACTUAL alarm to wake up, intentionally, before my kiddos. 

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I started utilizing a morning routine when my oldest son was 10-months old after I read the book, The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. Momma… READ THAT BOOK. After reading that book, I took the challenge, and have continued to do a Miracle Morning basically everyday for over 3 years now. MOMMAS, it is life-changing. 

In that book, the author Hal studied multiple successful people and recognized a common thread of what they do first thing in the morning. It’s not ONLY about waking up early (you can do a miracle 9:00 am if that’s what works for you), but he focuses on WHAT to do first thing in your morning to move your life forward! 

The successful thread he found can be summed up in a fabulous acronym called your lifeSAVERS: 

  • S stands for Silence 
  • A stands for Affirmations 
  • V stands for Visualize 
  • E stands for Exercise  
  • R stands for Read 
  • S stands for Scribe 

So each and everyday, for the last 3 years, I strive to do all of my lifeSAVERS first thing in the morning, but at LEAST have them all done before I go to bed, because I KNOW they fill me up and make me a better momma. 

I can’t pour from an empty cup. And these things momma? They fill me up. 

If time is an issue? You can legit do a 6-minute Miracle Morning:

  • 1 minute of Silence (prayer or meditation)
  • 1 minute of Affirmations (look at yourself in the mirror and repeat KIND “I am” statements)
  • 1 minute of Visualizing (an event you’re preparing for, a goal you have, or the life/home/vacation/paycheck you’re wanting)
  • 1 minute of Exercise (bust out some push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches, jog in place)
  • 1 minute of Reading (even one paragraph can help you learn something!) 
  • 1 minute of Scribing (write 2 things you’re grateful for out on a piece of paper, writing a letter to a friend/family member, journaling, etc.) 

Doing lifeSAVERS regularly will change your life. It’ll change the way you show up for yourself, your kids, your spouse. Your life. 

I challenge you, TOMORROW, to set an alarm 6 minutes before your first kid usually wakes up and bust this out. And if it works? Do it again! And again! And AGAIN! 
The habits that change your life are just that…the ones that become HABITS. ❤️ I believe in you momma. 
It will absolutely change your mornings. It will absolutely change your positive energy. And because of that? It will absolutely change your life. ❤👊❤
If you’d like more info about my morning routine, and tips and tricks for how to actually WAKE UP (versus press snooze), I talked all about this on my podcast, Grace Momma Grace, Episode 6! You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or by using the previous link! ❤️ 
Good luck tomorrow momma.

And if it doesn’t go well? Give yourself grace, try again tomorrow. 
You are doing better than you think you are. ❤👊❤

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