By Olea Gough

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2020 has been a rough year!

And I know I’m not alone. Almost everyone I have talked to has had about 3 make-or-break experiences that have tested them, tried them, and shook them to the core. One of my saving graces during this time has been a study group I meet with once a week with other women wanting to talk of Christ and His gospel. We have had the best discussions and I have felt such a wonderful connection with these ladies and an increase in my spiritual capacity.


As we wrapped up the other day, I took some time to think about what I have learned over the last six months, and what my most important takeaway would be. It is this…I know that restoration is continual. I know restoration is personal. I am a work in progress. Sometimes restoration is messy as God strips off layers of the world and my natural-man tendencies. But as I allow Him to do this, what is revealed are my hidden characteristics that need enlargement in order for me to become more like my Heavenly Parents and to realize my true potential.

At the beginning of each year I pick a focus word. A word that I want to learn more about and apply better to my life. The word I chose this year was balance. I know I struggle with balancing my work, family needs, and relaxation time. I wanted some awareness and some answers in this area because I tend to be an all-or-none girl.

Over the last 6 months, I have realized that balance doesn’t always look balanced. Rather it is paying attention to what my spirit needs and what God would have me do. Sometimes it is going all-in and sometimes it is stepping way back.

The key is to consecrate all that I do to the Father. That consecration makes Him my partner. It also changes the very nature and my attitude about the thing I am doing, even cleaning my house. It can take mundane things and make them holy.

I am grateful for the restoration process taking place in me. I am thankful God is willing to take the time to uncover the pure spirit and glory underneath the layers of life, busyness, and the distraction I have accumulated. I am humbled by the knowledge that as we partner together, this consecrated and continuous process can help me become my highest and best self, that queen that He has seen in me all along!.

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