By Brynne Wise

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If you have kiddos? You know that they bring A HUGE MESS with them!

From fingerprints on our mirrors, to smears on the floor, to crumbs in our cars, to endless amounts of just… STUFF. The messes are endless!

If you’re a momma like me who enjoys cleanliness, AND sanity, I wanted to share a few cleaning hacks that have really helped me stay clean AND sane: 

1. Set timers! If it’s time to clean the kitchen, fold laundry, scrub toilets, whatever it may be, give yourself a set amount of time, and race the clock! I like to set mine for an hour, and start with the task that’s been bothering me most! It’s AMAZING to me how much I get done when I put my phone down, stop making excuses, and just DO IT! This is something I even do with my 4 and 2-year old when it’s time to clean up the toys! And there may or may not be a reward (mostly candy 🤪), if they help me clean up AND we beat their 5-minute playroom cleanup timer!

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2. Delegate deep cleaning! Hire someone to help you weekly, biweekly, monthly, or WHATEVER your family needs! Hire a housekeeper! Not only will you have SO much more sanity, but you’ll also be providing work for someone else who is trying to make a living.

3. Set routines! Make it easier on yourself by ALWAYS unloading the dishwasher at the same time of day! Preferably early on! Then you can more easily create new habits of ALWAYS rinsing your plate, and adding it into the dishwasher, and enjoy an empty sink all day! 🥳

4. Set routines (continued)! Do this for all daily chores! Starting laundry, folding laundry, making dinner, sweep/mop floors, etc.! Pick a time of day that can be a trigger (i.e., after I finish breakfast, after the kids leave for school, after I am ready for the day, etc.). Commit to doing _____ at ______, and it will relieve so much stress! You know when it’s going to happen, you know that it WILL happen (because you’ll exercise discipline when the time comes), so when it’s not time? You can truly relax/play!

5. Get yourself a robot vacuum and/or mop! Seriously. It’s awesome.

6. Invest in a Cordless vacuum! We have the Dyson handheld vacuum, and the push vacuum, both cordless, and they’re FABULOUS for cleaning up quick spills! Especially with littles (and I use them to vacuum my car too!

7. Swiffer mops are fabulous. That’s all.

8. Get a laundry basket, and do a mad dash at the end of every day, putting EVERYTHING in there that doesn’t belong! Then? Dump it out in one room, and have the whole family help put it all away (Set a timer too if you’d like!)! I am literally able to tidy my entire house in about 20 minutes using this method, versus starting in one room, getting distracted, and an hour has gone by and everything is still atrocious.

**Bonus tip: Music always helps! Create a clean-up party playlist, and jam out at the same time!** and CALL it a clean-up party! Everything is more fun with a party attached🤪🥳!

Hope this helps you mommas! It ALWAYS makes me feel better to have a clean home, and to give myself GRACE by making things easier, more thoughtless, and more fun!


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