By Amber Wild

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I love Christmas. As soon as November hits our Christmas decorations go up, Christmas music is played all day long, and holiday cheer fills our home. I know the Christmas season isn’t merry for everyone, but I feel that generally the world grows a little brighter, more loving, more patient. Why does Christmas gladden so many hearts?

I believe a big part of the reason is Christ. On main stream radio stations they play songs only this time of year that speak of the birth of Christ. He is more present in our minds and homes. He is the source of all light, and so when people are focused on Him, the Light of Christ increases in the world.

I DO believe that the stronger your connection is to Him, the greater your own light will be.

So what about us? I just want to be clear that I do not believe that you need to have faith in Christ in order to be a good person. However I DO believe that the stronger your connection is to Him, the greater your own light will be. He can increase your capacity to do good, He can heal hearts, He can ease pain, He can cause the troubled mind to rest, He can do so many things for us if we will allow Him to. 

If you want to strengthen your connection with Christ, I would recommend getting to know Him. Spend time with Him in the quiet of the morning, or evening, and be in His word. Pray often, and when I say pray I mean talk to Him, you don’t always have to be on your knees with your eyes closed. Some of my most meaningful prayers happen while I’m in my kitchen or driving. Serving others is another great way to connect with Him. Play uplifting, Christ-centered music. Hang artwork that will remind you of Him. There is much you can do to make a stronger connection with Christ. 

This Christmas season, I hope you will find His light growing in your life. I hope you will be intentional, as a woman of light, to connect with Him in ways that uplift and heal. I hope you will be a light to others who may be hurting, a hand to those who need it, and a window to His love. You are amazing, mama! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, whatever your holiday, I hope it is a bright one!


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