By Brynne Wise

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Sometimes I take myself a little too seriously.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t show my silly side.

Sometimes I feel like if I do, people won’t like me. Not my kids, not my spouse, not my extended family.

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What if I let them see me without makeup? What if I let them see me with my hair on top of my head? What if I show them how silly I can be? What if I show them my mad kitchen dancing skills? What if I belt out “The Spectrum Song” at the top of my lungs, because I LOVE that song, and they think I’m certifiably crazy? They might not like me.

But…what’s the risk if I DON’T show them those sides of me? I might not like myself. What’s the greater risk? Which life do I want to live?

When I’m giving myself grace I always choose pleasing myself. When I’m striving for perfection? I always choose pleasing others.

It’s not easy to give yourself grace, but it is worth the effort. I strive to give myself grace as I get better at showing the realness that is me. Grace while I sweat through showing my imperfections, my vulnerabilities, my goofiness… the things that make me truly unique and beautiful.

God loves me the way I am. Because He made me, and He does not make mistakes. God made YOU and He does not make mistakes.

Choose grace. Not perfection. Choose to please only yourself and God.

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