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belong together

How to Belong…and Just BE You!

We don’t have to just fit in with the crowd. To belong actually means to be you and embrace who you are and allow others to do the same. As you decide how you want to belong—you will discover who you were meant to be and that only you can be you.

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negative thoughts

Becoming a Believer

Where is your focus today? With our human brain having up to 60,000 thoughts a day, imagine how many of those thoughts are caused by a set of negative words you may be repeating over and over in your head.

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stay curious

Stay Curious

Do you love questions today? As mom’s I bet you can relate to a young one asking question after question. As humans, we are meant to stay curious but as we get older our brains stop questioning things because of fear.

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grateful heart

A Grateful Heart

Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have. We often want to change the circumstances around us and think when this or that changes– we can then be grateful. I want to offer to you that you can be grateful today!

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first things first

First Things First

As a mom, I felt a burden for a bit…that I had to add one more thing to my already loaded plate. Yet this simple thought came to me, “just approach this new thing like everything else…with the words ‘FIRST THINGS FIRST.'”

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