By Becky Hong

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This weeks book is Bonkers about Beetles By Owen Davey!

I am soooooo excited to share this book with all of you today. I’ve been waiting and stalking my library for an Owen Davey book and this one was finally available!

Davey has ammmmmazing illustrations that are accurate, colorful, and informative. One page is even drawn to scale so you can really get an idea of how big (and small) these beetles are!

My son is 4, and once we started reading I realized it was a bit advanced for him. BUT to my surprise, he was alllll about it! He will sometimes spew out a beetle fact that I didn’t even know he was following along with.

From a grown-up point of view, I loved reading it as well! There were so many cool and amazing beetle facts and I thoroughly enjoyed the show-stopping illustrations.

With so many of us homeschooling or facilitating school from home, this would be a really great book to add for science lessons. It would also be a fantastic book for an older sibling to read to a younger one. There is so much learning packed into this gorgeous book.

Beetles, not your thing? That’s ok! Davey has a whole collection you can peruse! Smart about Sharks, Fanatical about Frogs, Obsessive about Octopuses (we’re on the library waitlist for this one!) You’re going to find a topic you enjoy and this will take you and your kiddo to the next level.

What animal books are popular in your home lately? Leave a comment and let’s share!

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