By Kerrie Nygard

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At baby showers oftentimes the guests give the mother-to-be pieces of advice. During these times I often say early bedtimes for your kids are a lifesaver. I still stand by this piece of advice AND I would offer up one more moving forward. 

With the retrospect I have now, I also would add, with exclamation marks, this piece of advice to any new mother-to-be. This habit has been a constant unfailing friend. 

I have it set in my day like concrete. 

I wake up before the kids, I pray/study scriptures, I work-out. 

I have done this for years and years. This trio has helped my body, mind and spirit more than any other habit in my life.

It has looked different or taken on different forms depending on the life stage I am in with my kids but it has been my constant.  

The best benefit has been that this is where God meets me. 

When I pray in the morning I feel the reassurance of His constant care.

The best piece of mom advice I have is to consistently go where God meets you.” – Kerrie Nygard

When the house is quiet and I am the only one awake He speaks to me. He calms me. He lends me perspective. He reveals to me how and what I can do to help each of my children grow and learn.

As I study His words in the scriptures I feel truth. These words enlighten and broaden my understanding. I am better able to love when I study His words. 

When I am sweating it out, His strokes of inspiration flow to my mind with ideas that solve my problems and calm me.  

I don’t know why it works this way but it does for me. He teaches me when my lungs and muscles are working hard. 

He meets me in the quiet time in prayer and scriptures and when I sweat and breath hard.

I am able to show up as my higher self so much more often, I am still human with messiness and mistakes but a much better version of me.  He makes it so.

He always meets me there. He is ever constant, in the quiet of the house, while the family sleeps, while I study and sweat. 

I thank my younger mom self for starting these habits consistently. Through this practice I have come to know that He is ever constant.

The best piece of mom advice I have is to consistently go where God meets you.


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