By Amber Wild

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Have you had times where a child just isn’t learning something? You’ve tried multiple curricula, different types of learning styles, everything you can think of but it’s just not working.

What about times where siblings are relentlessly fighting? No matter what you try to say or implement they’re just always at each other. Times where children just don’t want to do the work that’s required of them? Times where everyone just needs a break from each other and the house?

Why do we often wait to do the thing that we should have done in the first place? Our Father in Heaven knows our children better than we do, He made them and sent them to us after all. If we involve Him in everything then life will go a lot more smoothly. 

I’ve been studying from a lovely book recently called The Gathering Home by Emily Belle Freeman. 

She has some wonderful suggestions as to how to choose God by making prayer and scripture study part of the fabric that’s woven into your home and life. Patterns that lead families to Christ, and in turn make for more peaceful people, a better learning environment, and a place where all family members feel successful and welcomed and loved.

The Holy Ghost will reside in a home like that and he will teach you how to help your struggling child.

Or how to help your children learn to love each other and treat each other kindly. He will help with anything you need help with. So really don’t wait until all else fails to choose God, include Him first and trust that He will lead you on this journey to care for His precious children. 

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