By Olea Gough

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Courage is not being unafraid, it’s being afraid and doing it anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

There have been many times in my life when the Lord has asked me to do something and I have been terrified. It has taken so much courage to do what I have been asked, but I have always been blessed for my efforts.

I will share an example of one of those times with you. About six years ago, I had the distinct impression that I was being asked by God to start writing. It was a very clear impression that I was going to need to share my witness of Christ by speaking and writing about Him and His gospel. At some point I would even need to write a book. I can vividly recall how overwhelmed and scared I felt. What was being asked felt too big. I had no idea how I would do it all. A peace came over me and I was told to be still, God would tell me when to start and He would guide me in the process. For the time being, I just needed to prepare myself.

So, I started a private scripture study group on Facebook called Scripture Study 365. I began immersing myself in my scriptures and sharing my thoughts in that safe space.

A couple of years later, I felt a very clear impression to start a blog. That feeling came at a very busy time in my life when I felt I was barely holding it all together. I had no idea how to do a blog and I had no idea where I would find the time. But I have learned that when God asks me to do one more thing and I think it isn’t even possible to add something more to my plate, it is that very thing that gets me through that time of struggle with any semblance of sanity. And so, I started a blog, and you know what, God led me to all the resources I needed to figure it out.

For a while, I wrote regularly on my blog. Then I took a course on writing and speaking. Soon after that, I started speaking to groups of women and young women about Christ, His gospel, and His scriptures. Then I went to a writing retreat. I started writing to mothers here on the Strong Moms blog and I let mine go. And now I write weekly in a newsletter addressing topics being covered in Come Follow Me. (Join here:

Those first few steps were so scary, but I’m so glad I pushed through the fear and did it anyway!

And I’ll tell you a secret. That thing that I was so scared to do, it lights my soul on fire! Those first few steps were so scary, but I’m so glad I pushed through the fear and did it anyway! I find so much joy in speaking and writing about my Savior and His truths! I haven’t written a book yet, but I know now that when that time comes, God will help me figure out all the what’s and how’s necessary to get it done. My life has been incredibly blessed by having the courage to do what the Lord wanted me to do, even when I was terrified.

I hope you will take some time to think about experiences you have had when God has asked you to do something scary. Then I hope you will share at least one of those experiences with the children you love. They need to know that you have had courage to do hard things.

Song: Confidence by Sanctus Real

A Little Help for Little Friends:

This week’s Come Follow Me lesson has some wonderful examples of courage. Joshua and the Israelites must have been so scared as they went to take the city of Jericho that had been promised to them. Rahab helped the spies who had been sent to check out the city, even though she could have been killed for it. These people acted in great courage as they did what the Lord asked them to.

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