Author: Strong Moms

sewn heart in a house

Ep. #85: Bad News

Every parent receives much dreaded bad news from their child. None of us like it…..ever! How we respond in the earliest moments of the conversation can shape our path moving forward. A calm response doesn’t come naturally to most of us, but we can practice. We can arm ourselves with a few phrases to calm the freak out and move forward together with our kiddo.

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give space

Tip #89: Give Space

While it might seem like a good idea to spend more time with your partner to strengthen the relationship, sometimes the opposite is true. Giving your partner space and time to do the things they love is a powerful way to show that you respect and support their interests.

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judgment-free zone

Judgment-Free Zone

How do we live a life without judgment? I want to offer the simple idea of a judgment-free zone. We all know it is best to worry about ourselves and not others—so how come it is so hard at times to do so? It is time to practice putting on the words, “Judgment Free Zone.” These words matter!

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