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Ep. #144 & 145: Kids Lie…Now What? Parts 1 & 2

Typically, no one likes to be told a lie. Am I right!? It never feels good. Unfortunately, kids lie. It’s a natural part of their development and honesty is something they get to learn. The good news is that we don’t have to fall into the depths of despair when our kids lie to us. Listen in to episodes 144 and 145 and leave ready to handle the moment your child lies with confidence. 

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pay it forward

Pay It Forward

Consider this – those who make an effort to do kind things without seeking attention or reward will often find kind things happening to them. Even better, when you are seeking out ways of adding more joy to the world, it’s easier to be nicer to yourself.

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Leif and the Fall

Leif & the Fall

Leif is, well you guessed it, a fall leaf! Leif knows that all leaves fall from their trees in the fall, but is feeling worried about his journey. This darling story offers several teaching opportunities.

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Enjoy Your Ride!

Have you ever considered the ride you are on? The ride we find ourselves on has to do with the choices we make. There are some things we don’t have power over but I have discovered I do have power over a few simple things, like the thoughts I put on each day.  

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