By Becky Kemp

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The word ASK is one of the power words found in The Word Effect.  I believe this word matters!

The definition of the word ASK is “to request something in order to obtain an answer or glean new information.

What are you ready to ask?  What are you ready to obtain an answer to or get new information about?  There are so many questions to be asked.  I want to offer the idea that the power word ASK will be in all of our stories as we continue to walk forward.  If we stop asking–we will stop progressing. Like the Danish proverb says, “He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.”


How do we stay curious & how do we continue to seek truth in the uncertainty of life?  It starts by first acknowledging where we are and where we want to be and then we begin to ask questions.  Asking questions helps us find solutions to the obstacles found in life. As we start to acknowledge what we desire, who we are, etc—we can begin to ask these questions:

  • What do I really think about myself?
  • What do I want?
  • How do I really feel?
  • What are my actual priorities?
  • What do I really value?
  • Why do certain things matter to me?
  • Who do I want to become?

As we begin to ask questions good things happen…we discover the truths that are within us.

Suzy Kassem from the book, Rise Up and Salute the Sun says this:

“To seek truth requires one to ask the right questions.  The void of truth never asks about anything because their ego and arrogance prevent them from doing so.  Therefore, they will always remain ignorant. Those on the right path of truth are extremely heart-driven and childlike in their quest, always asking questions, always wanting to understand and know everything, and are not afraid to admit they don’t know something.  However, every truth seeker does need to break down their ego first to see the truth.  If the mind is in the way, the heart won’t see anything.”

Suzy Kassem

I spent a lot of my life ignorant and my ego was getting in the way.  My mind wanted to know more than my heart wanted to know how!  This kept me stuck.   
Asking questions is an important catalyst for change—first, we acknowledge and then ask.

Not all questions are created equal and I have found that some are more empowering than others.  With the change of one word within your question, you might begin to find better solutions than the ones you are getting right now.  Often we get stuck asking, “why” before our question.  I am going to suggest changing one word–instead of “why” let’s start asking “how”.

The change of this one word as you ask questions will change everything! As we start to ask “how” questions-we will feel more curious and our hearts will open to learning, discovering, & trying new ideas.

Albert Einstein said, “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

Maybe questions are part of the solution—?  As we acknowledge our obstacles and begin to ask questions—the how will be shown but it will come one step at a time. For example, if you ask yourself, why can’t I lose weight?  Your brain will come back with a slew of very negative, self-defeating answers.  The question incorporates a negative belief, and your brain will be sent to prove that negative belief correct. Our brains are very powerful tools!

If you change the question to incorporate an empowering belief, you will come up with answers that are just as empowering—for example, the questions could be, How can I lose weight permanently and have fun at the same time?  When phrased like this—we are more likely to come up with more creative ideas to move us closer to our goal.


I invite you to become curious and keep asking questions.  This is one of the power words in The Word Effect.  It is time to put it on! 

Check out episode 21, “Ask: Power Word #2” from The Word Effect podcast to discover more. You can also start back to Episode 19 to hear all about The Word Effect and how to learn about Power Word #1, Acknowledge.

Words Matter!  You can create the life you want with the power of words.  Let’s remember to Ask.


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