By Guest Writer Dani Bastian Ward

Think of the coolest place(s) you’ve ever been. You love it. Now, Break down each and every portion of that place including where it is, how to get there, etc. There are going to be things about that place that are less than ideal- if you make them that. BUT. It doesn’t change how amazing that place is. You love everything about that place. Right? Right. Because it’s rad.

When you’re sharing about your adventure, you don’t waste time talking about the made up negative you searched for. You talk about what’s amazing about it. Or anything else positive.

YOU are the same way. You can make crap up about yourself that’s less than ideal- it doesn’t change that YOU are amazing. YOU can do hard things. YOU are needed AS. YOU. ARE. in this world. Try, for a day, to not throw passive-aggressive comments about yourself into conversations. We need you, for YOU.

Now I’m done with my rant. 😬
This place was so cool! It’s so much fun to go to places I couldn’t even dream up.

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