By Monta Cooper

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Words are important. Self-dialogue is important. And YOU, my friend, my sister, my fellow momma, ARE STRONG. Maybe you screwed up yesterday. You’ll probably screw up again today! But you are showing up every day. You’re trying. You’re making small adjustments to be better, to do better and THAT makes you a STRONG MOM.

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Don’t compare yourself to Jane Doe down the street or Molly What’s-her-face on Instagram. You only see a small part of their story. You don’t see their own personal struggles. And trust me….if you did, you wouldn’t want them. Any perception of someone else’s perfection is a lie. Choose to be inspired by others rather than dull by comparison.

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Focus on YOU. How can YOU serve others today? How can YOU lighten someone else’s load? How can YOU love those kids today? How can YOU show up for your life and make the most of it?

Your kids need YOU. Don’t wait for the imaginary version of yourself that never makes mistakes. It happens! Learn from it and move on! You don’t have to do anything the same way as another family. Do what works best for you and yours. You can do this! Feed your body and spirit regularly so you feel full and able to love your kiddos. YOU GOT THIS!

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