By Amber Wild

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I love windows. I think most people do because of the light they let in, which makes a room bright and cheery. I especially love window seats because of all the natural light you have, the warmth the sun provides, and the fact that you can sit and curl up with a good book. But I digress. 

The ability of light to bring happiness and good feelings to a room and to a heart makes me think of many of the women I know who have the same ability. They leave everyone better than they found them. They bring a smile to people’s faces. They are naturally positive and optimistic and see the good in others. They brighten your day. 

Light makes spaces feel airy and open. Women of light likewise allow space for those around them to be who they truly are. There’s no hiding around them, nor do you feel the need to, you can open up and be yourself. Just like you can throw open the curtains and dance in the sunlight, you can do that with your heart around these women of light. 


Often in our society today women can be so critical of each other. It’s so refreshing when you find someone who is bright and cheery, uplifting, heart-opening, a true ray of sunshine. Women of light, let us scatter sunshine and help brighten the world around us!



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