By Michelle Cox

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If you have grown up in a home or community that hasn’t been historically friendly and supportive of our LGBTQ+ community, I invite you to listen in to episodes 124-127. Andrea Parks, a dear friend, therapist, and mother of a gay son shares her personal insights and professional experiences with us.

#124: Supporting Our LGBTQ Community

Join me and therapist Andrea Parks as we explore our role as parents as it relates to our LGBTQ community. This is the first in a series of four episodes with Andrea.

#125: But What If I Don’t Have a Gay Kid?

As a parent, you might wonder if these conversations apply to you if you don’t have a gay child. I invite you to come learn more as we talk about how and why our treatment of LGBTQ community members directly impacts all children.

#126: Creating Affirming Environments

Did you know we can take small steps to send huge messages of hope? Today we visit with Andrea Parks about our part in creating affirming and safe environments.


#127: Busting a Myth and Final Thoughts with Andrea Parks

Today we wrap up our conversation with Andrea Parks and answer the question, “Is sexual orientation only about sex?”


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