By Taralyn Parker

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What if I told you that I feel more connected to my family and friends now than before the pandemic started? It’s true! When face-to-face interactions became impossible, technology opened up so many possibilities! Marco Polo, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meetup, texts, phone calls – you know the drill. While I still value and crave in-person interactions, I am grateful for all these ways to connect with my loved ones.

I realize that this isn’t/wasn’t the case for many people I know. Worrying about depression and isolation, my friends and I wondered what we could do to help people connect and find a little joy during these crazy corona times.

The idea for the 21-Day Family Connections Experiment was born. During the month of May, we invited any who would like to participate to increase connections with family – past and present – through daily family history-oriented activities. We united via social media and suddenly the connection magic began!

Studies have shown that having stronger family connections, including a personal understanding of your family’s history, can lead to increased resilience and self-confidence. Qualities that are essential in 2020! We thought it would be an excellent time to do an informal study about how connecting with both living and deceased family members can contribute positively to our overall emotional health and mental well being. And that is exactly what we found! Many who participated in our experiment noted an improvement in mood.

The family history activities in the 21-day experiment go beyond traditional genealogical tasks. In fact they are short, simple, engaging, fun and can be enjoyed by children and families. These family friendly activities include discovering and sharing interesting stories of living relatives and ancestors, playing family history games, learning quick and easy genealogy tools, recording and sharing your own unique stories, and more.

Why 21 days? Research suggests that the brain takes 21 days to adjust to significant changes, new habits, or positive lifestyle adjustments.

Most of all, we want to share the peace and joy that family connections can bring to your life through a broader perspective of family history, which includes family connections with both living and deceased relatives. We hope that as a result you will experience an increase in overall happiness as well as stronger family connections, just like we have!

In honor of October being Family History month, we are conducting the experiment again! This is especially perfect for all the home school mamas. I am going to be using it with our home school curriculum in October.

You can join in at I am happy to answer any questions about this free and fun experiment. You can comment below or email me at


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