By Brynne Wise

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We’ve heard it since we were kids: “Eat your vegetables!”

And I think we all naturally think of the same thing: BLEH.


Raw carrots.
Hard broccoli.
Squishy carrots.
Way too much zucchini.

But… eating vegetables doesn’t HAVE to be like that!!!

I have been following a nutrition program since I had my third child over 18 months ago, and it has been absolutely life changing. Not just for my results, but for my mindset and the way in which I view food groups… especially vegetables!

Here are a few of my favorite hacks for sneaking in more veggies:

  1. Add them to my eggs! I can make an omelet, or veggie scramble, or a breakfast burrito and sneak in spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc., and it’s DELISH!
  2. Have a stir fry and add rice, a protein, and some cheese! If you chop up your favorite veggies, in any variety, and sauté them in a skillet with butter or extra virgin olive oil, add some salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder, and add a rice, a protein, and some cheese? Man alive it’s GOOD! I love to add Seeds of Change (a brown rice and quinoa blend, feta cheese, and Aidell’s apple chicken sausage)! GET IN MY BELLY!
  3. Add them to your green smoothies or superfood shakes! My favorites to add in are spinach, or frozen cauliflower. It sounds weird, I KNOW! But the frozen cauliflower is actually tasteless and makes it more creamy! Give it a try!
  4. Buy salad kits! It’s hard for us mommas to make time to think up a salad, much less buy everything, and chop it all up! I ALWAYS have 2-3 salad kits in my fridge to easily be able to toss one together to go with my lunch.
  5. Buy steamable veggie bags! They are bags of frozen veggies that you can toss into the microwave for 4-5.5 minutes, and they’re DONE! Once they’re steamed, I like to add salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese to my broccoli, and butter, pepper and minced garlic to my green beans.
  6. Use accessories to make your veggies delicious! Butter. Oil. Spices. If those things help you to eat more veggies? DO IT!!! Much better to have butter, oil and spices on a veggie than it is to have butter, oil, and spices on all things greasy and heavy! (And don’t be afraid of Ranch or salsa or queso either! If you’re scooping up that goodness with a veggie? Have at it!)
  7. Use veggie swaps! Make zucchini noodles instead of spaghetti! Use spaghetti squash instead of fettuccini! Make cauliflower rice (shoutout to those steamable bags again!) instead of white rice. Make fries out of turnips instead of potatoes! Get creative, and still enjoy all the sauces you love!

Getting more veggies in can absolutely taste delicious!

So when it comes to making better choices, here’s is what I’ve found works best for me:

Drink water.
Eat veggies.
Be kind to my body today and every day. With the words I say and think, and the actions I choose and refuse.

Be kind to my body today and every day. With the words I say and think, and the actions I choose and refuse.

As always? Give yourself grace momma. You can never hate yourself into a version you think you will love. And you are doing better than you think you are!

Don’t exercise and eat healthy because you hate yourself. Exercise and eat healthy because you LOVE yourself and you want to treat your body with kindness, love, and respect!

Your body is amazing. It does so much for you. Go and show it some love today!

Speak kindly. Sleep soundly. Eat well. Drink water! Exercise.

You deserve it!
You are worth it!
And you are beautiful. Today and everyday.


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