I Left It Broken

My first thought was to call her in and have her fix the broken frame again, except this time I would show her how to do it better. But then I stopped myself in that thought and decided to leave it as-is, as a reminder.

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Feel the Fear

I have learned that every time I feel fear, that means one thing. LEAN IN BABY.️ It’s go time! Because “there is no growth in your comfort zone, and there is no comfort in your growth zone.”

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sewn heart in a house

Ep. #135: Helping Kids Solve Problems Without Frustration

Sometimes when our older kids come and ask for our help or share their problems, what they’re really asking for is for us to listen. We often jump in too quickly and begin trying to fix their problems. Then, they end up rejecting our ideas or tuning us out. So frustrating, right? In episode 135, we cover 3 key questions you can use to guide you in these tricky conversations. I’ll give you a hint….we need to stop assuming they want our solutions! Anyone else struggle with this? Good thing we get to learn together.

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