mind-body connection

Mind-Muscle Connection

Whether you are a bodybuilder, athlete or super mom (or all 3!) everyone can benefit from having a better mind-muscle connection with our body and muscles for everyday living as well as when we are exercising.

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who I am

Know Your Value

Before you struggle through another day, repeat after me: “I’m valued for who I am, not what I do.” Download a lovely quote from Max Lucado and set it as your lock screen on your phone!

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Accessing Lifting Power

I’m not sure how long I stayed there. I’m pretty sure people were yelling at me to get up. It felt like hours but was probably only a minute or two. Suddenly, there were hands on my arms, lifting me up, and a kind voice saying, “Trish, you’re okay, go ahead and finish, you’re almost there.”

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Be Uniquely You

The world needs crazy unique people to bring out the flavor and zest of life. We need artists and accountants, surgeons and social workers, musicians, and massage therapists. We need you to be you more than ever.

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The Grind…

The truth is—as a human being—we all will experience “The Grind” throughout a lot of our lives. If you wait until you want to do things, you might spend most of your life waiting.

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